Performance Information


Amethyst Extravaganza

We encourage all performers to take advantage of the Heritage Hall festival stage!

**ALL participants must be enrolled in at least one workshop (Featured or Accelerated) in order to register as a performer in the Extravaganza. Each member of a troupe must be enrolled in at least one workshop (Featured or Accelerated) to be eligible for a troupe performance in the Extravaganza.

First come,  first serve line up

TIME LIMITS - To be strictly observed

Solo 4 min

Duets, Trios, Troupe. 6 minutes

Must turn in music by March 10th - Digital files only - EMAIL TO: with the subject line: MUSIC FOR EXTRAVAGANZA PERFORMANCE (Insert Performer's Name)

-Failure to turn in music by the March 10th deadline will result in the loss of the performance spot.

**If you need your music cut, our music editor can cut according to your designated time marker ($10). Additional cuts (splicing) are $5 per splice. Performer must provide appr. time markers for splicing.


Evening Gala Show-

The performers for our Evening Gala show will be selected and formally invited by the event organizer. The line up will feature our VIP and ELITE package participants, headliners, hosts, out of state/special guests and accelerated workshop instructors.

The Extravaganza Show

The performers for our Extravaganza Show will be signed up on a first come, first serve basis. ALL Extravaganza performers must be enrolled in a Featured or Accelerated Express Workshop. Block Requests will be honored as availability allows. When a block fills up, it will be removed from the options. We are excited to feature incredible talent on our Extravaganza stage! Some of our 2020 Accelerated Express Workshop instructors "wowed" our staff with their 2019 Extravagaza performance. We're looking forward to discovering new talent in the 2020 show!



*Before submitting this form, please make sure that you have purchased a workshop.