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The Studio CG

395 N Sacaton St, Casa Grande, AZ 85122

Workshop Schedule

9:00am - 9:45am - Studio B - Faizeh Floorwork Descents

9:00am - 9:45am - Studio A - Samantha Karim Dream Big with Belly Dance

10:00am - 11:30am - Studio A - Sahira - Extreme Belly Dance

11:00am - 11:45am - Studio B - Na-il Ali Rhythmic Revolution

12:00pm - 12:45pm - Studio B  - Adrianne Raqs - Performance & Audience Connection

1:00pm - 2:30pm - Studio - A - Sahira - Zills, Zills, Zills

Featured Workshops - These classes are taught by the featured instructor.

Accelerated Express Workshops - These information packed workshops will be taught by some of Krisenna's and Cassandra's favorite instructors/performers. The Evening Gala line up will feature these incredible instructors.

Workshop Details


Floorwork Descents

Falling down is not always the best way to get down for floorwork!
In this workshop we’ll explore different options for descending that work for varying levels.
Learn creative and fun moves to transition from your standing routine to the floor, and how to get back up gracefully!
Knee pads or a yoga mat can be helpful.

*Featured Workshop* - Sahira


It’s all about technique: Think you know the chest circle? Think you know the figure
8? THINK AGAIN! Sahira will take you through a series of drills and exercises that pair your
favorite isolations and foot patterns together in a way that you never thought possible… and
it will blow your mind!

Samantha Karim

Dream Big with Belly Dance

If you believed your belly dance dreams were possible, what would you do?
Who would you be?
How would you dance?
So many times, we approach dance and our practice from a place of hesitation, doubt and fear. In this workshop I will show you the tools and actionable steps to take to start going after what you want with belly dance…even when fear and failure happen.


Na-il Ali Emmert - Rhythmic Revolution

Take a movement journey which brings Belly Dance and West African dance together in a glorious, energetic and dynamic fusion.
Come into this workshop prepared for a full body burn and make sure you have plenty of water. We will complete a thorough warm-up and begin directly on movement choreography. Traditional dances we will be honoring are Yankadi, a flirtation dance, and Soko, a dance used by young warriors who are coming of age.
All levels of experience are welcome.

*Featured Workshop* Sahira - Zills, Zills, Zills!

Sahira invites you to learn to love those things on the ends of your fingers as she
shows you the zills in a whole new light – as a musical instrument. She will begin by
teaching some music theory and then move on to a series of common-sense patterns and
cool zill tricks to inspire even the zills-shy among us. Don’t forget your zills!

Adrianne - SOLD OUT

Performance & Audience Connection

One of the most important elements in dance is the ability to connect with your audience. In this fun class, we will explore various techniques and exercises that will empower you to convey emotion, captivate your audience, and leave a lasting impression.

During this express class, you will learn:

  1. Emotional Expression: We will explore various techniques, such as body language, facial expressions, and energy projection, to help you communicate your message effectively.

  2. Stage Presence: We will work on posture, confidence-building exercises, and techniques to engage with the space around you, ensuring that every movement captures the audience's gaze.

  3. Adaptability: Enhance your ability to think on your feet and adapt to any performance situation.

  4. Connection with Audience: Cultivate a strong bond with your audience by understanding the importance of eye contact, projection, and creating an inclusive atmosphere.

This dance class is open to dancers of all levels, backgrounds and styles who are passionate about honing their performance skills and connecting deeply with their audience.

Instructor Bios:





Sahira has been teaching and performing the beautiful art of belly dance for over 20 years. Her training in Egyptian, Tribal, West African and Modern Dance as well as theater and music gives her style an earthy musicality that is uniquely her own.
She released her first DVD in 2003 and has since been invited to teach all over the world including at the world’s largest belly dance festival, Ahlan Wa Sahlan, in Cairo, Egypt in 2005.
She is best known for her love of the finger cymbals, highly organized class structure and tendency towards the ridiculous.
Sahira can be found teaching both in Houston and online.  Her online studio at SahiraBellyDances.Teachable.com has become home for hundreds of dancers around the world to learn this beautiful art form in a safe and supportive environment.
Learn more about her at SahiraBellyDances.com
Faizeh has been belly dancing since the last century. She teaches and performs multiple styles, but especially AmCab. Today she also enjoys combining her career as a portrait photographer with her career as a dancer to help other dancers level up their media presence.

Samantha Karim



Hey, there! As a Belly Dance Instructor and Life Coach, I help women learn belly dancing and love themselves in the process.

I believe that you have everything you need within you to get where you want to go personally as well as with belly dancing.

I'm a no BS kind of person, down-to-earth with a soft ooey-gooey center of love and kindness.

I am also the creator of Badass Teacher Academy where I teach other dance teachers how to be confident in the way they teach and trust their decisions as a teacher and business owner.

Check out my YouTube, FB, and IG to see why I am internationally-known for my simple step-by-step methodology, which allows others to learn from me easily and with retention.

Looking forward to dancing with you soon.

Na-il Ali Emmert


Na-il Ali Emmert is a multi-faceted entertainer with over fifteen years of professional dance training and teaching experience. He finds dance to be a valuable way of communicating emotion and expressing joy to his audiences.
Na-il maintains a love for fusing dance styles together, and is proud to have developed a comprehensive and fun teaching format for dancers of all experience levels.
Dance artist Adrianne is a beloved performer from Los Angeles, California. Her passion for the art of raqs sharqi (Egyptian-style dance) is evident every time she glides across the stage. She delights audiences with her beaming stage presence and lavish costumes. A lifelong artist and professional performer since 2007, Adrianne is passionate about Egyptian folkloric styles like Saidi (traditional cane dancing). She is a gifted instructor and has taught specialty workshops across the Southwestern United States. Adrianne also won the prestigious award of Belly Dancer of the Year 2018. Known for producing some of the most acclaimed online dance shows with her dance partner Faizeh (Together they are the Baladi Babes) from 2020-2021 they produced the highest quality shows during the pandemic: Remembering Reda, Visions of Vintage, All the Rage and Fabulous Folklore. These online shows showcased talents in the MENATH arts from all other the world. Contact Adrianne: www.AdrianneBellyDance.com Bellydancemagic@gmail.com