Originally from Silver City NM, Rajani has danced for over 35 years, not only Belly Dance, but Modern, Ballroom, Court & Country Dancing.
Whether it be male/female young and old, she believes everyone can dance. Currently Rajani is teaching Belly Dance in Safford, and Willcox Az: and has performed in Plays, Shows, Festivals, Renaissance Fairs throughout Arizona and New Mexico. And in places to this day she doesn’t understand what she was thinking; Border Patrol facility and a little league pitchers mound, to name a few.
She particularly loves coaching dedicated dancers, and hosting weekend intensives at her home, for that one on one experience. She has coached several award winning Belly Dancers and enjoys watching dancers find “their own unique style”.
Rajani’s pride and joy is Beat the Heat and really loves it when she is called Fairy God Mother by some Arizona Dancers.
As she says I cant imagine my life without dancing, as her flamenco teacher told me once. “it’s in your blood”.


Inanna LeFay

Inanna LeFay (Suzanne O'Gara) is both an accomplished soloist and proud Director of both Alchemista Bellydance Company, the Phoenix area's first Dark Fusion and Theatrical Bellydance troupe, as well as Vraja Productions Gothic Theater Company. Though she began her studies in Classic Oriental Bellydance, Suzanne is best known for three distinctly different styles: Dark/Theatrical Fusion Bellydance, Turkish Rom, and her own signature style of Fosse/Musical Theater-influenced bellydance! Hailing originally from NYC, Suzanne moved to Arizona in 2009, and soon after, began studying and teaching at Plaza de Anaya, and producing shows with Vraja Productions. She was then chosen to teach at the 2015 Waking Persephone Festival in Seattle, having formed Alchemista Bellydance earlier that same year. Since then, Suzanne has taught at the Amethyst Dance Festival as well as Yasmina's Annual Swap Meet and Fusion Day festivals, in addition to weekly classes.

As Director of Alchemista Bellydance, she has had the pleasure of hosting local and international teachers such as Na-il, Katara, Diosa, Hilary Monseif, Demelza Fox, and Annwyn Avalon. Alchemista Bellydance is also the proud host of Raqs Gone Rogue: an Evening of Alternative Bellydance, as well as their annual Fusion Bellydance Competition.

Not just a bellydancer, Suzanne continues to teach voice, and can be heard singing as part of Mystic Sisters, a Celtic Rock group lead by Randi Baker. She is also a Certified Herbalist and owner of Alchemy of Avalon tea, herb, and perfume company, and currently works as the Herbcraft Professor for the Morgan LeFay Mystery School, run by Priestess and Bellydancer Demelza Fox.


Innah Raks

Innah is an award winning dancer of more than 9 competition awards. She is the director of Innah’s Middle Eastern Dance troupe which hosts an annual Queen of the Prairie Bellydance festival in Des Moines, Iowa. She is from Saint Petersburg, Russia and extremely honored and excited to perform and judge at her beloved Amethyst Dance Festival.



Naia is a lifelong performing dance artist and current member of the Dreams of Arabia ensemble in Phoenix, AZ. She is most noted for her elegant, graceful style and long, luscious body lines. Naia has been captivating audiences with her stunning, vibrant performances for over a decade.
Naia began her love-affair with dance at a young age. She studied ballet, tap, jazz, and lyrical dance beginning at the age of four. As an adult, she discovered Middle Eastern dance and was delightfully surprised how it allowed her more freedom of expression. Additionally, bellydance breaks down “the fourth wall” and encourages interaction, connection, and engagement between the performers and audience members. Though Naia enjoys studying and performing a variety of modern and traditional Middle Eastern bellydance styles, she feels continuously drawn to her first love of the styles of Egyptian orientale and folkloric bellydance.


Samantha Karim

It's time to embrace your potential and put it all into your dance. Samantha Karim is known for her compassionate yet disciplined teaching style. Her emphasis on practicing effectively and dancing full out has garnered her an international and local following. She is a multi-award winning artist who teaches locally in addition to her online classes. Connect with her through Facebook, Instagram, or TheInnerDancer.com.


Becka Bomb

Best known for her love of everything Glitter, Becka Bomb is a instructor (certified American Tribal Style® (ATS®) and Sister Studio of FatChanceBellyDance® ), performer & emcee based in Phoenix, Arizona and director of LookingGlass Collective. Since 2007, Becka Bomb has brought her fierce brand of sparkle as a performer, instructor, and emcee to local and national stages.


Carrie Konya

Carrie Konyha is a multi-award winning, world class bellydancer who teaches & performs internationally. Perhaps best known for her artistic versatility & genuine middle eastern dance aesthetic, Carrie is a lifelong career dancer who has been performing bellydance professionally since 1996. Her first inspiration in dance was her grandmother who was a career acrobat with tingling brothers circus. The scope of Carries performance repertoire has evolved from the influences of the music and dances of the many colorful cultures she has studied and dancers she has been inspired by over the years

Carries formal dance training includes more than 25 years of study in middle eastern dance including classical Egyptian Raqs Sharqi, Turkish Oriental, Lebanese and Greek style bellydance, a variety of Gypsy dance dialects (Turkish Rom, Ghawazee, Banjara), American Tribal Style bellydance & Folkloric dances of N. Africa. She has additional training in the Indian classical dance, Bharata Natyam, Ballet, Modern dance, gymnastics & in shamanic/healing dance practices. Her bellydance style has been greatly enriched by her experience in performing within the Arabic communities and by working closely with middle eastern musicians and dancers both in the USA and in the Middle East.

Carrie begin traveling to the middle east in 2008, and has spent extended periods of time in Egypt over the past 6 years, learning from Egypts best dancers and instructors while also conducting field research on folkloric arabic dance, modern Egyptian Bellydance and Egyptian Musicality as it relates to bellydance. She has a true passion for teaching dancers how to create dynamic performances that are aligned with the cultural influence of the music genre they are performing to

Through out her lifelong dance career, Carrie has performed with many internationally famous middle eastern musicians & bands in the USA, Dubai and Egypt including Souhail Kaspar, Naser Musa, George Lammam, Rachid Halihal, George Moussa, Charbel Eid, Enigma , Stigma, Turku, Rebbe Soul and others. Carries instructional DVD "Tribaret Bellydance” produced by World Dance New York is currently being sold world-wide with rave reviews.



Kriti Dance started as a dream of Kriti Agarwal, who won Working Mother of the Year award in 2006, is a working mother of two, and has been featured on several TV channels/print media.

Performers of Kriti Dance have been performing Bollywood dances for the NBA (Phoenix Suns and Mercury) for the past 12 years. They have also performed at several regional and state levels in USA. Their passion, enthusiasm and energy can be demonstrated across different genres, whether it is the film festivals, cultural festivals, sports or national events. Kriti Dance has grown into one of the premier Bollywood dance academies in Arizona and offers professional dance entertainment in addition to learning academy.

Noreen/Alma bio Noreen, aka Alma, was born and raised Almaty Kazakhstan. She has been learning from different teachers and performing a variety of styles since childhood. When she turned 17, she won a scholarship to study Indian Classical dance Kathak from the National Institute of Kathak dance, New Delhi, India. Her instructor was the famous dance guru Shree Rajendra Gangani. Upon graduation she went back to Kazakhstan, working at the Indian Cultural Center within the Indian Embassy in Almaty, Kazakhstan. She was a cultural ambassador, aimed at spreading the wonders of the Indian culture and building cultural bridges between India and Kazakhstan. She taught and choreographed many dances for many Kazakh students of Indian dance, who then participated festivals locally and abroad. While serving as a cultural ambassador, she also continually learned and performed other types of Central Asian and global dances, performing during diverse festivals and functions as part of local dance troupes. Besides Indian Classical background she also has experience in ballet, jazz, Bollywood, Middle Eastern styles such belly dance, folk dances of Central Asia and Russia as well. She mainly performed as part of dance troupes named “Alasha” and “Nice Moon.” When destiny brought her to United States, she opened her own school for Indian Classical Dance. It had a moderate success, however; adapting to life changes she closed the school and encouraged her students to continue dancing with different dance schools in the Phoenix area. These days, Noreen is a successful wife, mother, teacher, RN-BSN nurse, and performer. She is currently a member of the Indian Classical school KalaaKendra where she continues teach kathak dance weekly.

She is also pursuing knowledge in Middle Eastern types of dances by taking classes and workshops from local and famous dance-teachers. Noreen is well known for her energetic dance style and her stunning and shining smile, which always brings energy and positivity into her performances. Indian Classical Dance has given her a strong background, which contributes and influences the other styles of dances that she performs. She has flexible and graceful arm movements, energetic/vigorous pirouettes, and her emotional facial expressions are major twists which are appreciated in her performances. She sees herself as an artist that continues to learn and pursue Middle Eastern dance styles – such as Raqs Sharki (Oriental), Iraqi (Kaweliya), and Egyptian folkloric dances.


Jenny C. Cohen, MSOT comes from a background of training in ballet, modern, hip hop, Arabic dance, tap, Polynesian and Odissi Dance. After graduation from the prestigious Sargent College Masters Program of Boston University in Occupational Therapy, Jenny went on to work in general rehabilitation, orthopedics, pediatrics, cardiac and hand therapy while taking hip hop and tap classes at Broadway Dance in NYC and Jam in Long Island in 1994. It's been a passion ever since. Her favorite events have been Pulse on Tour featuring Mia Michaels, Gil Duldulao, Dave Scott, Brian Friedman, Ian Eastwood, Brian Friedman.

After the birth of her twins, Jenny C. began her study of Arabic Dance, Polynesian dance, became part of a by invitation only advanced hip hop class and also began teaching hip hop. Jenny C. was also Head Coach of the dance team at Pace University (Pleasantville campus), assistant coach/choreographer at her children's rhythmic gymnastics team in NJ, practice coach in her children's training (They were State/Regional/National Champions of baton, rhythmic gymnastics and competitive dance), stretch coach at a competitive dance school, a member of the Sera Solstice Studio NYC, a hip hop instructor, a certified Zumba instructor and a certified SharQui Workout instructor. She is currently a proud mom of twin college students and foster mom to countless kittens through the Humane Society. She is also happily married to her wonderful soul mate and alpha leader to her three dogs and six cats. In the near future, Jenny C plans to launch her career as a motivational speaker while taking steps to pursue her PhD, publish her book, produce a theatrical show, write a screen play and delve into standup comedy.

In her spare time, she is Aaliyah Jenny, a professional dancer specializing in world fusion with Arabic dance influences, teaching at OM Wellness Studio and Velveteen Serpent Studio in Salt Lake City & Moxy Movement in Draper. Most importantly Aaliyah Jenny is a student of movement every opportunity she is given. She honored to count as her mentors Nefertiti, Aszmara, Rachel Brice, and Oreet. She has participated in Rachel Brice's 8 Elements Training Program and she is the first Salt Lake City Datura Style™ 8 Elements Certified Teacher as of 2018. She is also the first SharQui Workout certified instructor there.

In January 2014, Aaliyah Jenny won 1st place in the Pro Tribal Fusion category at The East Coast Classic (VA) and was invited to perform in the Gala show at the Hanover Tribal Festival in Germany June 2014 where she placed 3rd in the Tribal Star Competition. She also won Bellydance Masters (FL) 2015 Pro Fusion Category and is the Jewels of the Orient (DE) 2015 Grand Champion Pro Fusion Tribal winner. Aaliyah Jenny holds the 2019 Ms Essence (GA) Fusion title.

Aaliyah Jenny's story telling fusion performances incorporate her fascination with hip hop, contemporary and Arabic dance & music. She is best known for her moving and autobiographical fusion performances which tell universal stories.

Aaliyah Jenny is proud to have launched her non profit 501c event called Raw Epiphany July 7-9, 2017 in Park City, Utah. It was born from from her travels where she realized she wanted to provide an opportunity to those of us who do not want to compete but want the growth afforded through the feedback process. Thus R.A.W. Epiphany was born! It stands for the Real Artist Within. R.A.W. Epiphany 2018 included 3 headliners, performance opportunity with feedback from the headliners, a semi-private with one headliner, the opportunity to win a scholarship to another event and peer review from the audience. Please check out Raw Epiphany on Facebook or www.TheRawEpiphany.com

Please visit Jenny’s Transformation on FB for more details on her battle and victory over breast cancer.